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This is a collection of some of my academic and public writing and presentations where I share research findings. If you’d like to read something and can’t access it, feel free to email me for a copy.

October 2021: An interview by Niranjana Ramesh, postdoctoral researcher at LSE for Alainagaram, a podcast on urbanism and the coast. 

February 2021: A short essay that calls attention to silences and quiet forms of politics around water in places marked by industrial pollution. This was a part of Social Science Research Council's Ways of Water collaboration.

May 2020: A short essay that tells the story of how coastal residents make sense of rising sea-levels and shifting coastlines. I ask: How do people read, sense, and narrate landscapes through metaphors of liminality, flux, or fixity? What work do metaphors of fluidity, flux and fixity do in contexts where the coast is profoundly “natural” and “infrastructural” at once?

Oct 2020: A report that highlights the inequities in accessing COVID-19 relief payments. My research underscored the need for public financial infrastructure to transfer relief to individuals and families. This was written for the Institute of Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion at UC Irvine and presented to municipal officials, non-profits and service providers.

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